What We're Looking For

We're seeking a talented UI designer & artist looking who’ll relish the opportunity to sharpen their skills in working on some of the most creative digital work produced in Kent! You’ll need to have demonstrable skill, an understanding of how to create great digital user experiences, a passion for games, an understanding of comic-book sensibilities and a huge sense of fun.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join our highly creative, skilled, passionate and slightly eccentric team.   

The key responsibilities in this role will include:

  • Working with the game design team to bring their concepts to life.
  • Preparing artwork and styling concepts for game UI.
  • Assisting the Lead artist with the production of characters and other artwork to be included in our games.
  • Helping to ensure that the user experience in our games remains compelling, fluid and – above all – fun!

The person who joins our team will have some or all of the following skills:

  • Drawing/Colouring – To a high standard.
  • Graphic/Interface Design – Your portfolio should demonstrate a good understanding of composition, colour, typography and usability.
  • Flash, Photoshop or even Fireworks – We use all three and more, it be great if you have too.
  • Coding – this isn’t a programming role but you’ll be part of a team that do a lot of it – it’d help if you have a basic understanding of how that kind of stuff works!
  • Enthusiasm and Dedication – Making games is hard work, you’ll need a bit of both of these things to be successful.

Success looks like:

  • You find your true calling in life by helping us to create even more beautiful games than we already do!

To Apply

Please apply now providing your CV and a covering message outlining your skills, key achievements and bearing in mind the tips that can be found here.