The Original Burke & Best

Little was known about their lives and work until early in 2015 when their descendants unearthed a mysterious collection of unpublished game designs in the attics of Burkebest Hall.

On inspection it became clear why these designs hadn't seen the light of day, they were simply unworkable with the technology of the time. Despite that the designs were clearly a work of genius and - in fact - pre-empted many of the successful games of the silicon age. A small selection of these designs can be found in the Archive.

Armed with these remarkable designs the family immediately resolved to sell Burkebest Hall in order to fund the setup of a new games studio - Burke and Best Ltd - in their ancestors' honour and thereby ensure that their incredible work could be enjoyed by a new generation of players for many years to come.

Georgina Best  - Feb 29th 1888

Georgina Best - Feb 29th 1888

Alfred Burke  - May 4th 1873

Alfred Burke - May 4th 1873