Skills wanted

Are you a games professional? Do you yearn to join a highly creative and - perhaps - slightly eccentric team of similar people in the heart of the garden of England? Excellent, we don't blame you in the slightest. We're always keen to hear from talented people who are interested in working with us so if you're a Developer, Designer or Animator with a great portfolio then do get in touch, if you fit the bill we're certain to work together.

Current Vacancies:

Whether you're applying for a role we're advertising or just getting in touch please bear in mind the following tips:

  1. We're looking for people with demonstrable skills and passion for what they do, make sure you back up your application with examples of the things you've done and try and make it easy for us to see them. A great way of avoiding the inevitable "Oh - I can't run that on this machine." issues is to send us a video.
  2. Do feel free to send us a letter - we love those - particularly if they're on Basildon Bond.
  3. Most importantly - make sure your personality shines through, be creative, inventive and use a little humour if you have any to hand.

If you're from a Recruitment agency or other recruitment service then please do also get in touch with a brief description of your services, the tips above still apply! Please don't add us to a mailing list or bombard us with candidates speculatively. Thanks in advance!