Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians

Captain Planet and the Planeteers inspired a generation of 90s kids to care about their planet. At a time when saving the Earth is more important than ever, we’ve brought this classic franchise right up to date with an action-packed idle game for mobile.

Join Captain Planet and his Planeteers in an epic battle to defend the Earth. Gain power, unlock new abilities and fight against eco-villains to take the planet back. Combat pollution and restore Hope Island – home of Gaia and the Planeteers. Need to take a break? Your Planeteers will carry on the fight while you’re away. With endless gameplay and a driving 90s soundtrack, Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians provides intense arcade action in bite-size chunks.

At launch, AT&T pledged $1 for every tree players healed on Hope Island, up to $100,000. This generous donation to the Captain Planet foundation will go towards fostering environmental initiatives in schools, helping to nurture the next generation of Planeteers.

Download Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians now on Google Play or on the iOS App Store now. The Power is Yours!